Artefacts near shore on water material

Hey! I’m working on a scene with an ocean, and I run into an issue when looking at the water top-down from a distance.

There’s a dreadful stepping that appears on the shore, which I haven’t managed to tone down. It seems to be linked to the water’s opacity; if I play with the absorption, I can reduce the “width” of the band presenting the stepping issue, but never make it disappear completely.

Does anyone have an idea how I could go about fixing this? Real-time is not an issue; it’s to be rendered to a .png sequence at the end.

Is tempoeral aa on?

It is indeed!

Is this being captured in orto or what exactly is generating the png?

This is a frame from a .png sequence rendered through movie render queue, but the problem is also visible inside the editor.

I have literally never seen that in any of my setups.
Sta e t looking at the 3ngone settings.

Dx12? Ray traced? Etc.
Find a combo that gets you the render you want without artifact.

I’d you need ot at runtime then, not sure…