ARKit plugin uses old api and so not possible to build an ios app

Hey there!

As I see, the ARKit plugin still use old ARSession... (e.g. ARSessionConfiguration and so on) classes which was deprecated and now is not available in iOS ARKit (latest iOS 11 Beta). It should be renamed to just ARConfiguration, as well as some other classes.

So, it’s not possible to build an iOS app with UE4’s ARKit…

I believe someone is already working on the plugin’s update, but can’t find anything related…
Maybe there are some issue in the tracker, or something?

Thank you!

UPD: in the UE4 github branch 4.18 there are several fixes for ARKit, so it seems ARKit will be available in 4.18.

Yeah the plugin is not working for me either

According to the latest commits in the UE4 github, the fixes are done for 4.18 version… So need to wait :frowning:

Nope - not working for me either