[ARkit] Object detection. Who has a guide?

The best I’ve found here.

I need to scan my model and upload it to the cloud. But I have no idea how to do it (

Have you succeeded? Would be interesting to know how to use that feature.

Need a guide for Object Tracking, too. Big client will kill me if it doesnt work, because I promised them it works, because it is listed as feature in the documentation of the engine but no documentation there to get it to really working.

Hi, I’ve been developing an ARkit product for the marketplace that includes an easy to use object detection template as well as guides/templates for image tracking, touch controls, 3d buttons, dynamic shadows.

Here’s an example of the object detection I’ve been working on:

The kit isn’t available for download yet but I can send you some screenshots of my blueprints to help you get started with object detection?

I have a kit on the marketplace that includes object detection for IOS devices:…eality-toolkit It also comes with a guide.

If you’re not interested in the kit but would like help with object detection here are the steps I used (ARKit only):

1 - Set your session type to “object scanning
2 - visualise the AR point cloud with debug points so you see what the ARkit is scanning
3 - use the “Get AR candidate object” node to capture the object when scanning it with your device
4 - Save the captured object data to a slot on your device
5 - Use iTunes to access the save file on your device
6 - load the save game from within the blueprint construction script to set **public variables **in a blueprint
7 - Drop the blueprint into the world, the object data you scanned should now be visible in details panel
8- Copy the data from the public variables
11 - Create an “ARcandidateObject” by right clicking in the content browser then /misc/data asset
12 - paste all the data in here
13 - add the ARcandidateObject to the AR session config
11 - change the session type to world
12 - in your AR pawn blueprint add these nodes: event tick - get all ar geometries - for each loop - cast to AR tracked object - get detected object - get friendly name - equals (the friendly name of your object) - branch - (if true…whatever you want to happen when the object is detected)

This is fantastic, thanks)