ARKit in UE4.18 - issues with sample project

Just starting to dabble with ARKit (I’m on 4.18.3). Looking at a blog entry, the ‘guide’ for getting this to work is quite simple:

I quote:

Getting started in now super easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Enable the appropriate ARKit plugin for your project.
  2. Check the bStartInAR property in Project Settings.
  3. Make sure you have a Pawn with a CameraComponent.

When I download the sample AR project from the same page and try and launch to my iPhone 7+, the deployment fails:-

LogPlayLevel: ERROR: Stage Failed. Missing receipt ‘’. Check that this target has been built.


PackagingResults: Error: Deployment failed! Missing UE4Game binary.
You may have to build the UE4 project with your IDE. Alternatively, build using UnrealBuildTool with the commandline:
UE4Game <Platform> <Configuration>

Any tips on this?