ARKit image tracking with UI popup when clicked.

I’m looking for a solution using the ARKit in 4.18 to track images from a product in the real world and have ARKit recognize when I click on an area of the object it pops up a UI element. Ultimately I would like to build a library of images so that there are multiple ‘hotspots’ on the product and when I click on each one different info would show up with a UI widget. I’ve got the ARKit basic functionality working where I can drop a cube, etc. and it locks and tracks to the real world but want to extend the functionality a bit more.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.


At the moment ARKit does not support marker based tracking, only plane detection. You could possibly get something working if you can get iOS’s vision framework running within a UE4 app, as I’ve seen done for some realtime facial mocap, but otherwise it’s not possible at this time. You could also create something using the Unreal4AR plugin, which utilizes ARToolkit, a marker based system, but at the moment ARToolkit does not have plane detection built in. So ARtoolkit will allow you to find markers, but if a specific marker isn’t in view you will lose all tracking.