ARKit Failed to load optimized model

I’m trying to deploy my iOS package, but I keep getting an error message when the game tries to launch. The error message is:

env: CoreData: annotation: Failed to load optimized model at path ‘/Applications/ 9.0.omo’

The game launches the splash screen and then it just fails.

Any help will be appreciated

I have this error as well. I’m using XCode9 Beta 6.

Same issue for me!
My ARKit project was running well on my iPhone but not anymore with the latest release.
I’m using the latest official Xcode 9.0 with UE 4.17.2.

Same here. Testing on the ARSample project dowloaded from 4.18 release page. It worked a couple times at the beginning then it just continue crashing after I allow the camera to be used. Xcode 9.1 with UE 4.18.1

Same issue, app just closes after the splash screen. Using Xcode 11.3.1