[ARKit] App not launching after some time


So I’ve been playing eith ARKit integration starting back in 4.16 up until now with 4.19. I’ve been experiening some weird issue regarding the app that’s getting deployed onto the device, in my case iPhone 6s.

The issue is that whenever I build/deploy the app it works fine for like 1 - 2 days, a then whenever I want to run the app it gets stuck on splash screen. The issue has been occuring starting back in 4.16, and as far as I’m not entirely sure whether it might be engine case I’d appreciate any input that might narrow down the cause.

In order for app to run I need to delete it from the phone and re-build/re-deploy it through the engine, which obviously is bothersome. All of my builds are going through the remote build, both virtual machine, but most recently physical Mac machine running XCode and stuff. Looking forward to hearing out any ideas, pointers which could help me solve this.