ARKit 2.0 - Where is documentation? Persistance?

I am new to Unreal engine. I would love to make Persistance working on UE 4.20 with ARKit 2.0.
I do have developer account on my macbook and iOS device ready - however I see only few examples of applications online and can not see any documentation or example how to use persistance on UE 4.20.

Where to look for these things?
Thank you for the answers.


Sounds like the official doc/example is coming in 4.21

Here is a great write up for implementing it in 4.21 that I hope to try out soon as well:

where he mentions two example projects coming with 4.21 showing how to do it.

PS: 4.21 P1 is available for download since this week on the Epic launcher I’m not sure if the example projects are already bundled with it but if not they can’t be far away.