ARKit 2.0 Object Detection


Is there any instruction on how to implement object detection with ARKit 2.0?

I can see that you can create Candidate Object Data asset but it is really not self-explaining:


Also, there is an option to select Object Scanning for Session Type in AR Settings (Session Config) and link Candidate Object in Candidate Objects array, but that’s it:

There is no more info on how to work with ARKit 2.0 object scanning.

Am I missing something? Is object detection supported in UE4 (4.21.2)?

I have a same question

Same question here :\

Hi,Mykhaylo! Candidate Objects — just like image detection/tracking needs to know what to look for in a scene, its size, etc. candidate objects need a similar descriptor before the AR session can search for them.Basically its a wrapper around the Object Detection in Arkit 2.0
Check the following article how to setup the object detection in ARKit.

Have you had any luck figuring this out? I am working on the same thing and stuck on the same step.

I have a kit on the marketplace that includes object detection for IOS devices:

It also comes with a Scanning and detecting objects.pdf - Google Drive

Even if you don’t have the kit, the guide should still help give you an idea of the steps involved

Here’s an example: Object Detection in UE4 - YouTube

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