Ark Modding Tutorials

Just added the uploading mods to steam video!

I really like the idea of the opening and closing doors in a distance. it would be really neat to have automatic doors.
But I was wondering if you could do a video on how to add a new/change a structure. Like making an item like the fridge, but changing the values to make spoil time a lot longer, and also remove those pesky, horrible-looking, wires.

Those seem like a few different concepts id have to separate out, but I do have a campfire structure placed.

Hey thewookie91, I do appreciate the videos you have already put up. I’ve never modded before in my life and was trying to find something to help me get started. Your videos were very nice and informative and I was able to follow along easy enough. If I can follow along, anyone can lol.

As for suggestions on what videos you should make next, I’d like to see one for cooking. (This may not really be possible) I’m wanting to make different kind of foods that when eaten provide the player with some sort of temporary buff. I think the food system in game right now is somewhat bland and I’d really like to expand on that if possible.

Whatever you decide to make next, I’ll be watching either way.

Thanks again!

I appreciate that Touri, sorry for the late response. I can still make the foods tutorial if you need it!

I really like your tutorials and I hope you will do more of them. Maybe for things that also requires the smithy or something.

I’m facing a problem though. I’ve followed your tutorials and they work perfectly in the editor. I can cook it, upload it, download it and enable it in my singleplayer game. However, the engrams doesn’t appear in the game and if I hit ESC it doesn’t tell me that the mod is enabled. Is their maybe any options that I have missed?


Note I managed to solve it. I “reparent” the primalgamedata and testgamemode to the original. Apperently it doesn’t work if you just copy them from the “genericmod” folder. Feels like the reference isn’t working correctly.

wait…so I should use Wookie’s way of setting up and not this one?

I’ve tried and follow different tutorials without success until I found “wookie” tutorials. So follow his and you will be good

Well, my way sets you up to make mods more than a just a map (though you still could if you followed my way, ill be doing that soon). But his way may be perfectly valid. Also if you have any requests let me know!

Hey guys, started a new thread for making maps!

Thanks for all the content and your dedication!!

can you make a tutorial on how to make caves? or proper crate drops?

Yeah i can probably do that, but its gonna be further along in my tutorials

How much do you know about working with snapping points?

Another suggestion might be “how to add a folder to the hierarchy in the crafting location with your mod engrams in it.” For instance if my mod allows all my items to be crafted within the player characters inventory how would i make all of my mods new structures show up in one folder that is added to the craft-able section?

You would route all of the folders to a single location in each individual engram bp?

making customs spawns would be cool too…like how do you make a spawn trigger for just Dodos as an example

Ill probably cover that in my Map making series :stuck_out_tongue:

I swear I saw this in one of your vids but I just breezed through them a second time and can’t seem to find it. Where is the list for the items that you spawn with in inventory when in test mode, or when you hit the play button in the editor?

In the video number 8 :smiley:

Ah see, I saw that one but that is for when you type give resources. Is there a list for the items you just default with in your inventory?