Ark Modding Tutorials

Hey guys, I am starting a new list of modding tutorial videos for you beginners!

Whole Playlist:

[Important] Video 0 (Introduction to the Series):

Video 1 (Downloading and setting up Unreal engine):

Video 2 (Setting up the Client):

Video 3 (First tool/Melee Weapon):

Video 4 (Spear Tutorial Range/Melee):

Video 5 (New Bow Ammo):

Video 6 (New Campfire):

Video 7 (Uploading mod to steam):

Video 8 (Creating a new resource):

Video 9 (New Armor):

Video 10 (New Gun):

Video 11 (Creating a Harvestable Resource):

More to come soon! Suggestions welcome!

Map Making Tutorials:

Nice, looking forward to them. A lot of the material out atm is spotty.

Thanks man. Appreciate the response. Would love some feedback on the videos and suggestions for future content.

I’ll check them out tomorrow and let you know :slight_smile:

First 2 were good. I’d try to slow down just a little bit while talking, but it’s not a big deal. Made it half way through the 3rd one, then went off on a tangent in the dev kit, so I have yet to finish the 3rd one lol.

I would like to watch a tutorial on how to add human NPCs, I want to create a mod about a tribe of natives but I’m missing the main part…
The natives!

Thanks for the feedback… and crusader that’s a tall order man. I don’t know if I can do that quite yet. Ill have to do a little more exploring.

Added some new stuff!

TY for the tutorials organization. Helps us noobs a lot :slight_smile:

Also, I made a suggestion on using flowcharts to help clarify how all the assets are connected, and I will make more for the videos you listed if you think it would help people:

Hey man, I really like that idea. After a few videos of doing it I was hoping people would just get the hang of it. But I think that’s a great way to bridge the gap from copying everything bit by bit and learning to really do it yourself. Thanks man!

Hey Guys and Gals,
I still a new developer. I only have 4-5 months experience, even less with the ARK game itself. One thing I am finding really frustrating in game, is how easy it is to get lost or how hard it is to find your way to help a Tribe member. I seen in some games like Entropia Universe they have a position hot key to mark where you are. It forms a link in chat where people in your channel can then click the position you post in your channel of choice. This then opens a GPS like tracker with arrow and distance to that Target point. I would think some of the Developers here already would know how to track where a player is and set a Target Point. and then just use a widget of some sort for arrow and distance. I still fairly new as I said. But I do feel something similar would really improve game Play for all Players New and Experienced. Happy To help if anyone is interested in this Idea. I still need to learn a lot about unreal and also Ark. Just a thought. Let me know if anyone thinks this is easy to Implement and a good Idea. Sam Frederiksen

Here’s a quick video I did on how to add a mod item to the engram list and the proper structure inventory, great for beginners without having to go through a whole item mod tutorial just for this tidbit!

any tutorials on the new map editing system in version 228?

Dunno if you know how to do it but I would like to see a tutorial on how to change mesh of a obj when inventory is added to that obj

thank you for this, it has been extremely valuable to me in learning to mod ARK :slight_smile:

Not quite sure I know exactly what you mean spezz, and no problem yazoo feel free to leave me a like on the vids to support my channel!

like u know how the feeding trough is when its empty it show a empty static mesh and when u add inventory it shows a different mesh? well like that

I would imagine that works similar to the weapon attachments where each “version” has it’s own mesh. Say you have the assault rifle “WeapRifle” (mesh) in your inventory then you drag the silencer to it, it replaces the “WeapRifle” (mesh) with “WeapRifle_Silenced” (mesh) or something along those lines. Hope that helps.

yeah its something like that i have figured out how to change meshs as i get close to an object doors open as u move away door close

Ill look into it Spezz, I think I can do it.