ARK Dev Kit Update Notes! (Current: 222.6)






v206.2 (06/09/2015)

v201.6 (25/08/2015)

v201.5 (22/08/2015)

v200.5 (8/19/2015)

v193 (8/4/2015)

v190 (7/29/2015)



v188 (7/21/2015)



Super excited!!!

There are quite a few files missing in the devkit related to the new items released with 186.

The blueprints that provide us with editable data are missing for:
The Grill
Reinforced Ceiling-Door
Reinforced Window-Door
All types of kibble

The core blueprint is also missing for the WeaponAlarmTrap, but it exists for the PoisonTrap.

Might be more, but that’s what I’ve found, or shall I say what I’ve been unable to find thusfar. :slight_smile:

Ah yes, re-uploading the Steam Depot now with the new content, should be up in about 10 min – will post when it’s done :wink:


That’s posted now :slight_smile:

You guys rock seriously. If you’re ever in Singapore I wanna buy you all beers :wink:


Thanks! Now to tinker around with all your hard work. :smiley:

Later today we’ll upload to the ARK Dev Kit the following Maya Source Rigs:
FPV Hatchet
FPV Pistol
Male TPV
Female TPV

This will make it much, much easier for modders to create new animations for the first person weapons and third person characters (as well as make new meshes that are rigged to those skeletons, if they wish).
We’ll probably add the currently-released dino sources and the rest of the FPV weapons later too, but this is a start at least :slight_smile:


Sweet, I just downloaded that update… now to get maya and learn that also.

P.S. any ETA(general is totally okay, like 1 day, 3 days, 2 weeks, just and idea) on how far behind the 187 main game update we will be?

EDIT Well I’m not a student, and I don’t have $3,600 to drop for the full license, or $120/mo for the desktop version… anyway can swing a deal with them like the Unreal guys? That would be epic!

Could you please update the Steam Depot with the full set of Crossbow blueprints? :slight_smile:

You don’t need Maya to edit animations. You should be able to do that from within UE4.

Not for the animations, but for editing/making new models.

Keep up the great work!

Each new release eases the modding pain. You guys are moving quickly in the right direction!

Hey devs, just a reminder that the Add Structures to Place still needs some back-end fixes. I posted on a separate thread, but note that structures you place… that require it’s own inventory… are still not reference-able from the structure. e.g. if you create a new standing torch… .add the structure… it will still by default point to the vanilla standing torch inventory blueprint.

I am a little confused, is the ark dev kit now at 188 or still at 187.2. Was it just notes for 188.0

“7/21/2015: ARK Dev Kit v187.2 has been released”

7/22/2015: Added new “SmallIsland” example level, which is a fully functioning outdoors ARK Survival level but at a much smaller scale, to help you analyze how everything is setup: the sky, the IBL probes, the water postprocessing, the NPC Spawners and Supply Crates, all the core stuff is in that tiny little example map now, which can be cooked and uploaded to Steam Workshop, modified, expanded, whatever you want :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for this. :smiley:

I don’t know if I’m going blind or just need some sleep, lol, but I can’t seem to find these files. If anyone has the path to them I would appreciate it.
Thank you for the small island example, it will be very helpful.


They’re being uploaded right now :slight_smile: