Ark Dev Kit : Features request [New Procedure 4/11]

I have to say as a mapper i would highly recommend this feature be added in

Adding grass in the adk is probably the most tedious job when making a map and this would make everything so much easier

I would love the ability to force a inventory refresh on clients end. Currently if a script changes the inventory it will not refresh on clients end till they close and reopen the inventory or wait till the refresh interval fires off on its own.

This grass feature is in Unreal Engine 4.8, last version is 4.9, but ARK use custom 4.5.1… We want update, but sorry, they don’t want update… :frowning:

They use a custom made version of the unreal engine, they can add and remove features they want from newer releases

Stasis seems to kill timer based scripts looping when using event begin play. Soon as the object goes into stasis the script stops or is killed when it returns from stasis the script does not resume. Not sure if event begin play is not fired again after stasis or need some form of event for out of stasis so we can resume scripts being ran.

The ability to add to the DinoSpawnEntries during runtime would be useful.

I have a couple of buff requests:

  1. “Deactive On Submerged” boolean. This would go great with a “burning” debuff that you either have to wait out or go jump in a lake.

  2. “Buff to Give Inventory Owner Character”. I’m looking for a way to implement a buff just for holding the item in your inventory. In my case, for handwarmers or icepacks. This could also be used for game modes like CTF where carrying the flag item would give you a glowy buff so everyone knows who has the flag (or “Capture the Egg” where grabbing the golden egg draws massive amounts of dino aggro). Maybe it might make sense to re-implement the existing egg aggro stuff as a carryable buff rather than a special case?

I have an idea:

Release updates to the dev kit with the updates for the game, this way we can mod the latest content, yeah? Still waiting for 218.

Good luck with that request PhoenixJedi.

I think for the most part, this whole thread has been an exercise of futility.
Just a way to placate us really.

Not seen any of these suggestions in patches or in the pipeline… I am looking directly at Grenades still do MORE damage to Stone than Wood!
Go nuts on the official servers… Rain down terror on stone bases… Grenades do a **** load more than Rockets or C4.

Please add navmesh support into the dev kit. I want to do AI but i can’t because the test map doesnt have navmesh and dev kit doesnt support building it.

Hello !

Add ability to structure with inventory to generate item over time.

  • PrimalItem to Generate
  • PrimalItem Quantity to Generate
  • Delay between each generation of PrimalItem

I thought I had already posted this but I may just be imagining things.

We seriously need the “Is Powered” variable/functionality exposed. This is partially due to the flawed logic of “Auto Activate if powered” being overridden by “Toggle Activation” in that said item won’t activate and is deactivated by default, kind of makes the first one redundant. Also because an item can be activated regardless of being powered or not and having the “Active requires power” enabled. Again, these may be oversights but they’re a tad annoying and illogical.

Also, exposing more of the tribe variables would be appreciated. Either making the Tribe Admins array read-only(for obvious reasons) or exposing/creating a flag on playerpawns or in their playerstate along the lines of “isTribe(/Team)Admin” so we can set further security precautions into mods, and to extend some functionality.


I would like to see an “Additional Color Definitions” section in the PrimalGameData. You could add your own custom colors there without worrying about the future patches.

  1. How about the ability to use custom dyes?
    Using a direct copy, without making any changes, crashes the game upon attempting to use it, irregardless of any settings anywhere.

  2. How about always cooking files within the specified mod folder, and not applying a “version checker” to them as files within PrimalEarth are checked?
    Because that is dumb and preventing my mod from cooking when it is finally finished.

Can we get learnable engrams displayed to players… sorted by character level please.

Right now, any changes to minimum level… or any new engrams… results in a nonsensical list to the player. New engrams with low level requirements end up at the bottom of the list, and changed engrams show up whereever they were even if you change a level requirement from 10 to 60.

how about timely updates to the dev kit? That would make a nice feature eh?

I second this

A way to add more “layers” of custom data to items, specifically weapons, so that both attachments and different types of ammo can be used simultaneously.

Add a Structure Blueprint that holds actual liquid.

Feature Request: COMPETENT DEV TEAM.

They just released a file, for the 217 kit today… over 10 days after the 217 kit’s release… When they’re operating on the 219 kit… Why not just release the 219 kit and fix the file in the 219 kit?

I’m seriously getting tired of this team’s shortcomings.