Ark Dev Kit : Features request [New Procedure 4/11]

i didnt know about these tools, they look very usefull and interesting, may be the only thing we need then is just a sticky note with this info and some directions about how to ask for help, or answer in the forums with a link to these tools

All of this is what ACTUALLY needs happening yet seems to be ignored constantly.

Could I ask for somehow extending the support for TC mods? It’s super convenient that you can edit the core files w/o making copies or children or doing annoying remaps. It really is!

But it’s also kind of pointless since you have to move them back and forth every update, it’s impossible to revert to a default value if you didn’t write it down somewhere and every update, you have to double-check every file you edited with the new ones so you can keep the changes you want without missing an important update that adds new features and/or fixes an old issue. It’s a ******* pain in the *** that makes me want to give up.

Or at least a smaller thing of the sort. In addition to “additional” stuff in the PrimalGameData, could we have a few fields for removing stuff? For example, I want to move the platform saddles from the anvil bench to the fabricator - but the only way to remove recipes is to edit the inventory itself. Which means I have to do it every single update, checking that I not only add all the items I want/need, but also don’t miss anything new by accident.

And another one. Please let child assets not be forced to use inherited components, or at least have the option for overriding them!

Override item recipies!

WE Really need an ability to override item crafting recipes in PrimalInventories_BP. its too complicated to do such a simple task at the moment.


And, the possibility to create dinodropinventorycomponents for every participant in the kill to have their own loot drops, instead of a general first “take all”, first “single” serve or a death give item which gives everyone, allies and foes alike the specified items (which you need to specify one-by-one, instead of a dropinventorycomponent)…

The ability to create sub-classes of allowed cheats instead of ALL or NOTHING. (e.g. giveitemnum YES, god/ghost NO etc.)
A server log file OR logging to admin chat of cheats being used by user X instead of cheats being logged via chat logging.
The teleport cheat fixed, instead of always dropping in the middle of the island, no matter which coordinates you specify.

The fix (unless I’m the only one experiencing this) for the aura buffs which Alpha use for example. To me, CharacterAOEBuffDamage/Resistance do nothing.

EDIT: The possibility to scale either meshes or bp’s, without certain side-effects like hovering creatures.

THANK you in advance!!

Hello folks,
I have 2 requests: 1) If I delete an item from my editor please remove it’s assets from the mod folder. I have tons of useless files in my folders from design changes/rewrites etc. 2) Put a frakking box in the upload dialog where I can enter my mods PID I am getting really tired of using steamcmd. I suspect it’s just a GUI for steamcmd anyways should be easy enough.


Obviously I must be missing something Along with everyone else on making a object “Paintable” (Not Dyable). Doesn’t even matter if we “Duplicated” a existing object that is “Paintable” and swap out the Mesh, and even use the Materials of that “Paintable” object, the new object is NOT “Paintable”.

A LONG while back the Ark Survivor game said “able to paint anything” and then they added “painted templates” but hey look, we still can’t make new items “Paintable” So how about It devs? Show us what we all are missing, because Obviously we are all Missing something on making objects “Paintable” (again, not Dyable).

I think the addition of an additional master item list array is needed, in some form. Perhaps with the ability to specify, either completely or to some extent, the identifier for spawning the item.


I would like the devs to allow us to activate and deactivate all items through blueprint code. As of now I have a structure that can toggle activation by player but in blueprint code I can only check if it’s on or off, I can not turn it off or deactivate from code. I think this was silly and don’t see a reason why that option would be hidden from us.

I have some mods and a lot of Smithy… option for moders for use same smithy, please

Ability to trigger native multi use items such as accessing inventory of dino from BP.

Please add a parameter to control the hidden cap limit on all player and dinos stats ingame without modifying any of the core bps themselves, unless its the primalgamedata. Because right now on custom servers with very high levels, if they exceed this hidden stat cap, for example 99999 hp, their hp will reset back to zero upon server restart or death. A lot of players complained about this bug already, it ruins their characters and pets, and admins have no way to restore it.
This can be seen in an example Difficulty 50+ mod that adjusts player/dino levels to 1500+.

P.S. please also offer a way in primalgamedata to control the global stat points per level increase for both players and pets.

Epic Launcher MarketPlace for ARKDevKit, maybe? please

Can you change the big download of ARK Dev Kit without utility inside Steam for the Epic Launcher Download or for smallsize of information of this “Workshop”?

Actually people have a big download without utility in Steam…

So instead of creating, sharing and publishing mods for free you want to sell them? Pls lets not start with that.

I want create my first mod using content of UE marketplace (4.9).
I will wait for the 4.9 update, though not soon.

The idea is not to sell, it is to have a place to share them. the EU marketplace has many free.

That will probably never happen. Like never.

That sounds way better. But I would assume they stay with the Steam Workshop for cooked files. Not sure if there are any plans for source file sharing.

I just got a new and hot request: Make the InputAction events fire in blueprint. Right now they do not work in blueprints at all. I guess the C++ code is consuming the input. Would be lovely if these events would work without overriding the original functionality of course. From what I remember that should be an easy change in code. Here is a screenshot of some of the events I mean: Screenshot - 1ef41f2a24eea43ba8fcc86f8f16f120 - Gyazo

And some of the direct Input events do not work. Like F1-F12. Might be a bug.

Can we please get some feedback as to whether or not this whole thread was a futile exercise and was just a means to placate the mod community?

Can we add Lua support? I know that the unreal engine 4 has built in support for Lua through the ScriptPlugin, ScriptGeneratorPlugin, etc. However, is it possible for the devs to add support for Lua? Games like Garry’s Mod have flourished because of Lua, and I think it would be a great investment of the devs time to work on this. Also, blueprints can only go so far, and then content creation will pretty much hit a dead end. The reason for this is Lua scripts mesh together differently than blueprints do, and thus (based on how it’s integrated) it can open up completely new horizons and can extend the ARK’s world even more! I also know that with Lua, it is far more secure for users to write loose scripts rather than to code in C++, as it would allow for viruses, etc. Now, I’m not suggesting that with Lua that there will be no vulnerabilities whatsoever, but it’ll be much more secure than loading random C++ dlls… So is this a possibility or not?