Area lights

i’ve been trying to imitate area light following this guide:…-lights-in-ue4
Here’s screenshot:

Room have 3 window and i placed Bounce Cards with spot light behind all of them. After building it became really dark and looks like my setup don’t work

World settings

Looks like the bouncecards work fine. but you may need some lightsources in the room itself and make sure you did set up your reflectioncapture

i actually created same room without any props and it was a lot brighter

so, i’ve done some testings and found out that as soon as i add some props it becomes dark as hell. Even after removing those props after building it remains dark

I hope Epic adds real area lights soon for arch viz and cinematics! I miss them especially for latter, in offline rendering they are used all the time. Maybe the Enterprise team can have a look at the implementation.

it’d be nice to get a rectangular or disc shaped light