Are you guys angry that GPU prices went up because of crypto miners?

The GPU I wanted GTX 1080 Ti went up 40% higher than I saw it last on November to December. It was originally at $800 last time I saw then now the price went up to $1,400 or more. I just bought my Ryzen Threadripper 1950x looking forward getting my last build which include that GTX 1080 Ti then discovered I won’t have enough.

I’m currently using a GTX 1060 3GB was hoping to go right ahead then now I’m thinking of getting the 1070 instead.

Is it frustrating? Yes. Angry? Ehh.

AMD and NVidia are betting on crypto being a bubble; they have no plans of ramping up production and getting burnt with too much stock. When it crashes, the market will correct. I’m in the same situation as you - recently built a new rig, but still using an old GTX 660. Waiting on the crash…

The Gpu’s are also being hit by the price of ram, and rise in semiconductor chips/ precious metals… Ram prices have gone up a lot.
So has Labor, and the cost of robotics. Basically the price of everything.
The deals are mostly by the manufacturers of the computers that have pre bought the product, and still have a sale on a complete pc.
I think it’s actually more expensive to build a computer right now.
If, or when Crypto crashes. I still dont think the price will come down. Just used Gpu’s will flood the market, and buyer beware…

I don’t think GPU mining is ever going to fully crash. The market might not be 100% stable, but there is an established base demand for GPU mining. Creating a cryptocurrency is relatively easy, ASIC miners are never going to be a flexible and GPUs. People that mine cryptocurrency don’t mind jumping between currencies.

I was lucky and got my 1080 Ti back in September. If the prices go back down maybe I’ll grab a second one so I can SLI lol.

You can buy them straight from nvidia for “about normal” retail, they have started limiting sale and these are to help curb the shortage, so if you need one and dont wish to pay the over priced amount, buy them straight form nvidia.

Also nVidia’s products go into AI applications for vehicles much more. So just buy their shares and with the profit you can get the hardware. Their shares went up more than 20% this month alone!

YES,its annoying.I was saving money for the 1080.Now i have to stick with my 970

When i got middle class card RX 470 then it was over 240€ and now only GPU-s that is affordable is RX 560 or similar from Nvidia. If Unreal keeps good optimizations with releases then there is hope for lower class users.