Are you getting bored of horror and survival games?

It seems to me like everyone is making horror and survival (or both in one) games today. Don’t you think so?

Yep and i react allergic to zombies now…
There are to many complete similar gametemplates out there.
Clones everywhere.

I think the popularity of it stems from the replay ability of the gameplay, you can play for huge periods of time and the events that happen are hardly the same (mainly talking multiplayer here) I am sick of the genre to be honest it has been completely saturated and everyone has different ideas and tastes that one game could never cater for.

Not to change the subject but I feel exactly the same about war games wether it be world war 2 or futuristic warfare COD bit bored of it.

Bring back crash bandicoot :cool:

There may be a lot of survival games out there, but I think there’s still plenty of room for improvement in the genre. I’d love to see one that actually got more difficult as time went on, which very few of them seem to even attempt and even fewer manage to pull off. Most of them just turning into pure PvP games where survival is an afterthought or minor annoyance once you’ve played for more than a few hours.

I do agree with you there Bohrium, I guess its why i’m so bitter, I mean I love destroying a kids life on a survival game more than the next person but the eat, sleep, rave, repeat aspect of survival genre isn’t working great for me in recent games.

I would like to see one that ditches the zombie type of AI, and ditches trying to be realistic or the realism.

I would want something like a platformer with the environment being your biggest danger and with the environments being eccentric. The one thing I would not want as a mechanic and that is eating berries for food… Ever. Even if there’s a fire.

Never played a survival or horror game :slight_smile: Unless you count Elvira as a horror game. But i watching streams, some are entertaining.

I think the market is over-saturated with games which are titled as survival games but in reality they are everything else with a hunger bar. As @Bohrium said, mostly the survival part is just implemented as an annoying side effect.

It’s like when Steam came to linux first time. There was nothing else but platformers to choose from. I was sick of plaformers. “Oh, yet another platformer, could we have something else?”

When Rust came out, I thought it was cool and I enjoyed playing it. But now a couple of years later… “Yet another survival game?”, " Yet another one-house horror game?".

It’s time for the VR to change the market again. :slight_smile:

For me personally, one of the most feature complete survival games is Cataclysm: DDA. It’s single player only but it manages to surprise regardless of how much time you spend playing it. There are so many features and aspects to it that you simply forget about existence of certain things and that’s what get you eventually dead. I’ve tried couple of modern survival games and while I appreciate of how much work went into building them, compared to Cata they provide rather shallow experience. Multiplayer seams to be the only thing which holds them together for more than few hours.

Nope, but i am bored for slow running FPS that are made in ww2 or any war slow FPS, well i got bored around time when BF2 was released. BF1 and Red Orchestra was a blast, but after that i had to much of campers at war. Also my reflex got quite bit slower, time to try UT4

Second genre i am totaly bored with is all those wow killer clone mmo. Wow killer is wow, or rather time and incompetent blizzard recently, its real shame that most of new mmos try to clone current state wow, they are not getting trough their thick skulls that what made wow great was its state at release, and no competition. Now wow clone mmos market is oversaturated few times over.

And I am totally not done with horror games, I still have untouched newest Alien game, but I am too scared. Other horrors i do not care, they do not scare me as much as Aliens, which is result of me watching first one (horror one, not later female Rambo in spess) when i was about 12 years old.

I am waiting for real survival game that is not zombies, for something like fallout, “starship troppers” or aliens setting, but open world and survival not some theme park stuff. Skyrim with some dark nights and survival mods on hardest setting gets close, but its skyrim, I also ruin my save games way before story is done.

Generally i wish we had some more demanding games from time to time, nowadays all games are easy.

Personally I love survival horror and am making one myself. I’m not sure if the market is saturated with good survival horror games. I’m struggling to name even a few good indie survival horrors (slender, outlast and…?).

Also there is a growing dislike amongst the community towards using zombies. My question(s) here would be where do you draw the line on what a zombie enemy character is? Are only slow humanoids like creatures considered as zombies or could you consider the infected from the Last of Us or those enemies from The Evil Within as zombies? If even these enemies are zombies then what would be the best approach when designing an enemy for a horror game? Make them more like the necromorphs from dead space, perhaps the demons from the devil may cry series?

I am really interested in what people think as I’m nearing the enemy design stage of my game.

If you want something innovative then how about no monsters at all? Look at UnrealWorld for example, there are no monsters but animals and people. Very few of them are hostile to begin with.
Another approach is to not limit yourselve to a single pattern for enemy. Cataclysm: DDA started with simple zombies, then pretty much all special zombies from L4D were added, later expanded to twice of that with different variations of special zombies, then triffids and fungals where added, mutated and zombified animals, trans-dimensional creatures and perhaps worst of all of them - unpredictable NPCs. With such setup you don’t really care how those guys are called, the variety of enemies in their behavior and individual danger outweighs “yet another zombie setting”. You can avoid stigma to a large degree if you design your enemies properly, make them behave in such a way that player has to use different tactic to survive. L4D did a great job wheres DayZ completely missed in that department.
Important detail here is not how they look and what specifically they do, but if they require player to behave differently to avoid them or fight them.

I agree with having a different tactic per enemy type.

Having a large variety of enemies is difficult for an indie as it multiplies the work load considerably. I guess you could slightly change appearance and focus on mechanics but I’m not a huge fan of that tactic. I like enemies to have character and be memorable. I will most likely look into the L4D approach. Great answer, thanks!

Horror games and movies based on a so called true story

Yes I don’t like games like that unless it’s a TellTale game I mean if it’s story base and not just shoot em up and the person actually took their time to create an actual story line then yes I will play it but if not then no I don’t like games without story lines.

well there are some good titles , i like Far cry , but my answer is yes i’m getting little bored from this type of games

Surviving Zombies when done well (maybe)… But Crafting??? (who needs a 2nd job…)

I have Far Cry 3 and 4, but still prefer Far Cry 2.
No crafting and all action with menacing jungle music!
No zombies either, although the AI was ‘Z like’ maybe :stuck_out_tongue:
As for horror: Tight spaces & flashlights = Fun…???


I plan to make one myself…but it will be very different…and very very disturbing

Horror Games are my best video games types , i’ll never get bored of them :cool: