Are you getting bored of horror and survival games?

I’m getting bored of horror games that have no depth to them.

In fact I realized yesterday I’m really getting bored of current/recent games in general.

Considering this thread is about horror games, I’ll use that genre as an example.

Remember back in the early 2000’s when Silent Hill 2 was released.

Yeah the game was disturbing and unsettling, but that was just the tip of the iceberg; that’s not the reason the game became so well loved.

No it wasn’t the horror, it was the fact the there was a story being told there; the main character, James, grew and developed and came to revelations.

Silent Hill 2 explored different themes and ideas. That’s why it’s loved.

The same can be said for games like System Shock 1 and 2 as well as Bioshock; or, getting out of the Survival Horror genre, games like Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid.

I really can’t play current games anymore; they just do nothing for me. There’s no character development (I’m looking at you Uncharted), there’s no themes being explored (Yeah you, GTA), and a story isn’t being told (You too, The Last of Us).

Welp, now that the last comment I made probably created a mob waiting to lynch me I’ll be on my way.

~ Jason

My 50cents are that i really like horror games and zombies.

The moment when you enter a game and everything is in place!
You know? Pressing “T” or “F” for flashlight and then you are ready to go.

Who cares about story, or bad movement controls, when you could get jumpscared?
Sometimes i really like the completely dark setting of actual games, because then all the bad devstuff is hidden well.

Why should anyone judging someone else for speaking the truth?
That would be first time in human history and the ue4 forum is a bad place to start such bad stuff for the first time.
I bet it’s even 7% illegal.

can you enlighten me on how a story was not being told in The Last Of Us?

There was nothing behind the events that were transpiring.

Sure there was a plot, but that’s about it.

The Last of Us didn’t explore any themes or have any underlying purpose.

Tale Silent Hill 2 for example. The game had James come to the realization that he killed his wife. Before this he seemed like a really good guy; one who cares, but is also a bit broken. The game introduced a human aspect when it told the reasons for James’ actions. He didn’t snap. He wasn’t a serial killer. He was just tired, of both his wife suffering and feeling helpless and alone. This explanation then ties into the over-arching story being told: ****, depression, and grief can turn one into anything; this, however, doesn’t inherently make them evil…just human.

Bioshock (and System Shock for that matter? is another game series that has something else beneath it’s events. The question “Are you a man or a slave?” is the basis of something else being told while the narrative unfolds.

Final Fantasy games tend to deal with themes as well. Final Fantasy 7, for example, as a whole is about living up to someone’special legacy and finding ways to forgive for the past.

The Last of Us never really accomplishedid what Silent Hill 2, Bioshock, or Final Fantasy did. There’s nothing to contemplate in The Last of Us, nor does it express something to those playing it aside from common tropes that come out of any plot in the vain of The Last of Us. It doesn’t even explore themes of it’s own through it’s characters. Instead they just act as game pieces to move the plot forward.

What exactly was The Last of Us about? Other than regurgitating the plot, it’s hard to say.

Aside from this The Last if Us is a Frankenstein Monster of plot ideas used from other works. If you’ve read The Dark Tower
or The Walking Dead you’ve seen The Last of Us just executed better.

I have a similar problem with Uncharted as well. There’s nothing at all being said in the series and worse, the characters fail to develop. Drake makes the same mistakes, and has the same philosophy throughout all three games. He makes no progress as a character.

Indiana Jones at least learned from his experience. He came back home with knowledge, and although he still hunted treasure Jones always matured.

Naughty Dog ripped the plots from that series, so I’m surprised they didn’t just take the character development aspect as well.

Suffice to say I actually don’t hate these games as much as you might think I do. They’re fun games to just sit down and shoot stuff in, but they lack depth and I’m tired of having people say they’re the greatest written games of all time yet have no idea what I’m talking about when I mention Gabriel Knight.

Edit: It interests me that L-U-S-T was censored.

I see what you’re saying, I’m not gonna defend the last of us like a fanboy, i just thought it was weird when you said it had no story. If you’re looking for deeper story-telling, i suppose you have a point in that it doesn’t go that deep, but I wasn’t looking for this particularly, i just played the first few minutes of the game then got instantly hooked on how the story will unfold so i enjoyed it very much in that respect. I will say that the last of us did something. It made me realize that if you have a great story, put it in a game because it becomes much more impactful. I watched a lot of horror and sad stories in movies but in the last of us, i teared up and actually felt the weight and grittiness of the world when no other movie had the same impact. Someone once told me that games, not movies are the future of storytelling, and playing that game made me realize that’s not far from the truth.

It really comes down to how I keep myself entertained, I suppose.

Movies, for example, aren’t really my thing. Like most games, many tend to just focus on the events that are transpiring and nothing more; which is completely understandable, they only have about an hour to an hour and a half to tell a complete tale.

On the flip side I love Drama TV Shows. They’re long running and very frequently, well written ones, use episodes to focus on a character’s progression or they’ll put a character in a situation that ultimately leads to a change in perspective, or ideas.

Additionally, I’m an avid reading of graphic novels that either consist of multiple parts or are a long running series. These, like Shows, focus more on how a character is dealing with an event rather than the event itself.

That’s the biggest reason many games and movies aren’t really doing it for me, they focus more on the plot rather than the characters. Which, again, is understandable; things have to keeping moving forward, and in terms of games many players may to even want to hear a line of dialogue.

However, that’s not to say that I don’t get what your saying. Liking The Last of Us doesn’t mean that you don’t understand good writing or anything like that; all it means is that you like The Last of Us.

The interesting thing is you compared The Last of Us to a movie, which I suppose is appropriate.

Not to make assumptions, but it seems you prefer the exact opposite of me.

It’s actually quite funny. I’ve been an avid gamer for years, I love games and I’ll always play them.

This conversation though has kind of made me see that I’m a bit out of touch with gaming as a whole.

I’m starting to think that maybe this was the wrong path to go down; I never envision my game as a game actually, usually I play it out as show in my head…

Maybe this was the wrong path to go down.

~ Jason

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Hi guys !
Very interesting subject we have here !
Personnaly i miss the atmosphere of Resident Evil on PS1

I would like your opinion on my new project and if you have interesting ideas to include in it, tell me i’ll probably add it !

Cheers !

The world was waiting for that!

Yes the purpose of the game is to save the world from Zombies :slight_smile:

Meh, they aren’t too bad.

As someone who is in the process of making (ANOTHER gasp) one of those horror-survival games, I feel like this is the best place to ask - what, if any, changes would you like to see in H/S games for them to be more interesting? I know some members have shared their valuable opinions already, but I’m curious about what others think about it, too.

…Just to add: If you don’t get enough replies here why not start your dedicated thread using a banner-poll as its a topical question…

Can’t play horror games, too scared of them, unless its Silent Hill or Resident Evil.
So this massive trend of horror games coming out has been pretty boring here :slight_smile:

Unless its zombies, because zombies have never been scary in games imo.

I personally enjoy survival games if done right same for zombie games ( i would enjoy DayZ if development would go a little faster )

There is ALOT of good single player survival games but the reason you guys get bored of them is because og lacking features in alot of the games since 9/10 games is Get food, chop wood, build, sleep, repeat

No. Why should I?
Not every Game is stupid, only because you don’t like a few Games from this Genre.

True horror and survival games are boring.

If you are tired of a specific genre it doesn’t mean that all games are “stupid”, you just don’t want to play them.

I also enjoy and like survival or horror games though, I’m also looking forward for something new this time. Perhaps a twist on the current games so far.

I tend to get bored of the low effort games that get peddled off far too early. Horror and Survival just seems to be the most common genre for such shovelware. Gotta milk that cash cow.

I agree. Horror games and survival games are so boring these days, most of them, like Five Night’s at Freddy’s are both boring because you do absolutely nothing and not scary a single bit. SOMEBODY MAKE A BETTER GAME! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m JK, of course, but what I’m saying is that horror games and survival games have invaded the internet.