Are we still editing the baselightmass.ini in version 4.21 to get epic quality?

I’m on another run of trying to get great results for architecture in Ue4 and slowly learning and progressing… with intermittent meltdowns.

I’m just curious if people are still editing the baselightmass file as per Koola a while back? With the new additions to the world settings like skylight bounces is that even a thing anymore?


I’d say NO… maybe in some extreme case when you’ll need more samples… But I’d say you can achieve epic results without editing the ini!

Cheers Makigirl!

Starting to get good results now, specially with the new lighting settings which make it possible to use HDRI and set-up real world camera settigns to get good exposure.

Have you tried the GPUlightmass from the other thread? Will try that once it’s updated for 4.21 for sure!

Yes I have and it’s amazing!!! A LOT LOT faster than the CPU lightmass!

Interesting. Which settings are you still editing?

cool cheers!

I saw your work , very nice. What modification you using and how much longer it takes to bake light.

But I would like you to ask also about exterior seen in windows.
I’m using 360 maps over sphere but getting very blurry- result , yours are much crispier - how you proceed?