Are we getting a female default character?

Fo some reason, I remember hearing that we would get an official Epic default female character, but I can’t find any details. Am I going mad, or has anyone else heard about it?

The default chacter is genderless and is just that, a default demo character not to be used for anything other than prototyping. It would be stupid for Epic to waste resources on political correctness.

I had a similar thought, but I don’t think this is about PC. I guess if you were prototyping, and you wanted to represent two different types of characters you could use coloring, but I think it would be more fun to have a separate model. That said, I recently purchased these and I love em:

Missing the children from that pack :frowning:

I think it’s pretty obvious that the default character is male, and so are the animations.

The mesh itself is not obviously male, but the stock animations are male. It could easily be given animations to provide a female walking gait, but is it really necessary for a generic placeholder asset to have a gender? I don’t see what there is to be gained.

I’d argue that it is obviously male, but that would just leave us going in circles. :slight_smile: I’ve already bought the male/female robo-protos, thanks Britain, and had colour-coded the default before that (yes, blue and pink :rolleyes:). I thought I had heard about one being introduced by Epic, which was why I asked. I probably confused it with Curtis Markham’s animset, which I’m looking forward to being released on the marketplace. Coming soon! :slight_smile:

Still, it’s a bit of a pity that we have to shell out for this, seeing as, y’know, half the world is female. (Obviously, I don’t begrudge Curtis charging for it, especially as it covers far more than a walk/run anim; I just wish Epic had provided some female anims as part of the engine).

Why is the gender of a generic placeholder so important? Are people so insecure as to require placeholders to conform to their tumblr pronouns now?

I don’t understand why you are being so antagonistic. (Stupid waste of resources! Political correctness! Insecure!) All I did was ask if Epic were going to release a female placeholder (because I thought I had heard they were. I was wrong). That’s it.

I’m sorry, but it’s so common to see SJW types ruin communities and games these days (Looking at you Mighty No.9) that most people, including myself have become very bitter when it comes to even the slightest hint of gender equality BS.

Besides, even if the question was to include a hat for the default character, it’d still be stupid to improve a placeholder that will only be used early in a project then thrown away.

I…think we had better end this conversation right there. There are so many things wrong with your post that it is clear that we do not have enough common ground to discuss it in this forum.

SJWs **** me off as well, but Jez was just asking if there was going to be a female model. There are lots of circumstances where a female prototype definitely helps out. I think it would be awesome if Unreal just straight up bough these ridiculously awesome prototypes off the maker and used them with the engine by default.

Also, let’s remember that these days early prototypes are shown off for various reasons (Kickstarter, ect). So having nicer looking prototype assets would be great. It’s just a big time saver.

I know some women who move like this lol

Most people? source please.

My best bet is 9gag. :rolleyes:

btw, Female characters earn more in marketing aspect sometimes, so… it’s understandable.

Not sure there is any need.
The mixamo character pack, while not an official Epic one, has a decent male and female mesh in it.
There is also Makehuman which, with a little help from Blender, can produce a decent mesh pretty quickly, which can then setup to default animations in-engine.

The internet, many times.
One of my favourite, everyone getting behind Dr. Matt Taylor after the SJW crowd got the knickers in a knot over his shirt being sexist.

A male or female prototype character representation, i doubt this will change the gameplay in your game.

No, but it is nice for use as a place holder when working on character customisation etc :slight_smile:

Since Unreal is free, what is a few more dollars to pick up some awesome place holders from the marketplace?

Honestly, first you should ask yourselves:

  1. Is this really necessary?
  2. If so: Why is it?
  3. What will change because of a female mannequin?
  4. What is to be gained?

Honestly, I think this is the less useful topic in the history of ever: You already have free assets with female characters, you have mixamo pack (which uses the SAME animation pack for each character) use them for prototying if you want to. There’s no need for Epic to include one, animators aren’t cheap, modelers either, and this won’t be make a change in the engine quality.