Are there NO admins in these forums during Corona????

newbie user of Unreal Engine here.
I wzs trying to post to forum many days ago. But I still only see the yellow message on top of forums stating the following:
“Your posts will be placed in moderation queue awaiting approval. Future posts will no longer be in queue after you are approved for the first time.
Note: Posts in moderation queue are invisible to all regular users, please do not double post.”

Are there no admins here checking these new user posts??


All admins died only us few moderators are still alive hiding in server room.

But real reason is that forum is glitching and not showing all posts requiring approval in moderation queue.

The forum has been broken for a few weeks and not everything is working


The same is happening to me. Always that yellow message…:frowning:

Hope it worked.

For the time being, no. I’ll wait a few more days, and then I’ll tell something.

Same here :eek:

Until that glitching is solved,
I am subscribing to this topic, and I will check it once a day (if i don’t forget or die from covid)

I will approve posts here (if they don’t look like spambots).

After that thread will be closed.

ps. nvm, subscribe is also glitching, so i will just check it (it my memory still works).


I approved all posts from users with “0” here. If it is not working I cannot do anything more.


I am new too here! Can you moderate my first post?

Thank You!

Hello, I am also “unapproved” despite having several posts. It’s very disruptive to need to wait entire days for every new post - shouldn’t this manual approval process apply only to the first post for each account?

Many users in this thread also show up as “Posts: 0” in the same way:…cs-site/page25

Hello there,

It has been nearly a month since I wrote my second post. The first one took its time and I thought that only the first post was put in the “moderation queue”. I guess the problem is still going on? Not sure if even this post will be shown, but at least it will count as one more post as I get enough post to be not moderated anymore? Thank you!

There are all kinds of problems with the forums right now, including people’s post counts not going up - it’s a real mess. It means that all new users past a certain date are stuck in moderation regardless of number of approved posts, and there are also problems approving posts, which is causing the moderation queue size to explode :frowning:

Looks like moderation queue is fixed.

Thanks for your reply! I saw this thread with no new information for some time and I was wondering.
I guess I’m part of that new users :frowning:

That sounds great. Thank you for your time and effort!

Queue is fixed, closing this.