Are there any 'working' (ie non-deprecated) Oculus Hands Samples for 4.24?

I see the Github Oculus samples but they didn’t bother to update any of the stuff for 4.24 and left it all erroring out and deprecated! I am trying to give my IK VR Body working VR Touch Fingers, (for over a year) and as I am learning by example to begin with, having Project files with multiple errors makes it useless to me… I need a perfect (ie no ERRORS) working example of simple Oculus Hands for 4.24.

I am SO CLOSE to blowing minds in VR, but am stopped for now because Oculus doesn’t bother to give examples that work.

The errors are:

(in the Hands Sample for 4.24):

**InputAxisKey Event specifies FKey’MotionController_Left_Grip1Axis’ which has been deprecated for MotionController (L) Grip1 Axis

InputAxisKey Event specifies FKey’OculusTouch_Left_ThumbUp’ that is not blueprint bindable for Oculus Touch (L) Thumb Up CapTouch

InputAxisKey Event specifies FKey’OculusTouch_Left_IndexPointing’ that is not blueprint bindable for Oculus Touch (L) Pointing CapTouch**

I don’t really even understand what it means when it says: “which has been deprecated for” (My first thought: What is the new one and what is the old one?

Also, It says ‘InputAxisKey Event’, but I can’t find what it is referring to! There are ZERO Entries in the Project Settings/INPUT panel… I think maybe it is something in the Anim_BP? or? Unlike 3ds Max, After Effects, Photoshop or Unity, etc. it takes so long to learn how to fix any little problem in Unreal, I forget 25 other things I previously learned how to do while messing with the ‘little’ problem.


  1. Ideally: Is there a WORKING SAMPLE PROJECT for 4.24 hat is not using deprecated methods?

  2. Would someone accept a ‘Thank you’ or ‘Consultant credit’ on my game to help me?

  3. Least ideal, It is a quick fix? Is there someway I can bring it up to date? (even though a MULTI BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY WAS either UNABLE or UNWILLING to…) I’m willing to give it a try! LOL :slight_smile:

I spend all night every night fighting this kind of stuff instead of building vast complex worlds, I am an Artist, Musician and Character Animator and I can never do what I do because of these mistakes and oversights.

It is so unfair, I don’t really even mean unfair to me, but to the VR Community, Artists in general, and I make UNUSUAL UNIQUE Stuff with COPIOUS AMOUNTS of HIGH END Characters, that VR Needs right now! :slight_smile: