Are there any updates on google cardboard support?

I have LG G3 and want to make some app for google cardboard.
I know you can pack to GearVR, so why doe’s it have to be any different from google-cardboard?
I want to debug the game with the Launch option just like i can debug it in the android without the VR features.
Is it easy to implement yet?


I know there is some sort of generic vr plugin, that could probably be used for cardboard. Anybody tried this?

Unreal 4 Cardboard Project

Hey guys,
just fyi…maybe you want to have a look at my current ‘Unreal 4 Cardboard’ project.

Unreal4Cardboard in my wordpress blog :

Tech Demo on youtube

If somebody is interested in the project or wants to provide support/testing, just drop me a line.


Nice job Michael! You made it!

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Unfortunately, the referenced post is about a year old. I am not sure why Unreal 4.8 got no support for Cardboard till today. In my opinion Every modern Android smartphone is capable for VR usage hardware-wise. Maybe there is some other reason of waiting for support.

I admit, it took me some time to get the important functions of the Android NDK for the tracking into Unreal and to get the stereo rendering right, but besides that the implementation has been pretty straight forward.


Nice job Michael! Do you plan to release your plugin once you’re happy with it?

Yes, I am planning to release it after setting up some nicer environment scene and after adding some basic hands-free interaction.
Currently I am using a wifi keyboard for commands. Head gestures are one possibility. The cardboard button in form of a one-button menu
is another option. Additional devices are a third alternative. I am still not sure about the appropriate solution.


DISCLAIMER: I have no idea if this is going to help you along, but here’s what I know from experience so far.

I know there are some bluetooth clickers on the market. They simulate a tap on the screen/Using the Magnet Clicker. VR interaction on a controller free platform has 2 main interactions right now. Using a click of some kind (like the clicker or cardboard magnet) in combination with a reticle, or a lookAt interaction of sorts, either time based or rollOver based, depending on the kind of interaction you’re looking to have happen. Hope that shoots you into the right direction, or helps a bit. WAA! and Vanguard V are great examples of the clicker-less interaction.

I’ve been thinking about the hands free interaction.

I think the head gestures is going to have to be the only option, with hardware (like the wireless keyboard) as an extra for personal viewing optimisations.

A vertical slider of some kind could be the good option.

That way, the user tilts their head up and down until some kind of reference image looks appeasing.

I think we have to assume the user will need some kind of button (magnetic or, like the Cardboard V2, touch) in order for configuration to be intuative.

One way to do the configuration WITHOUT a button would be to do the above, but allow the user to pan horizontally outside a panning threshold (illustrated by say a slider across the centre of the screen) this of course is going to require some technological investment and tweeking. It would also not be that intuative for the users? But just an idea.

Otherwise have you considered launching without the personal viewing optimisations features, or just simple UML buttons, for now?


You can now test several demo applications on your Android device (Android 5).

More info on


Any news about the google cardboard plugin?

i join to news too… anything?


Check my thread
Maybe this is a cardboard option for you.

Definitely interested in testing and working on this.

Some different unofficial workarounds to try out for now:

  1. Reddit - Dive into anything

  2. “Unreal Engine 4 supports all the major devices and you don’t need to perform any hassle to setup your project for VR. Just make sure that the correct plugins are loaded for your HMD under Edit > Plugins.”
    From there find “Virtual Reality” category fromenable “basic HMD” plugin (stereo quality is quite bad)
    After that “Play game as” Menu in Unreal Engine will have non-grayed out Virtual Reality (stereo) mode (where you normally can choose Play In Editor or Stand Alone mode, etc)

  3. Community Plugin for Cardboard (not sure if its updated/works)

    by DRob

that is all just about “stereo” mode, controlling using sensors is not supported, probably.