Are there ANY resources to learn how to program AI in UE4?

I’m looking for tutorials or courses on how to program enemy AI for combat (melee or ranged). I can’t find a single good course anywhere, and there don’t seem to be any official resources for it either. Is there any tutorial out there at all, free or paid, that teaches you how to program enemy AI and is actually good?


there are some. This here gives you some basic overview over the system Introduction to AI with Blueprints - Unreal Engine

Behavior tree quickstart guide for some basic AI Behavior Tree Quick Start Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation

EQS quickstart guide Environment Query System Quick Start | Unreal Engine Documentation

And some faster/more in depth overview

And you can look through this here from about minute 20 to get some feeling for the limitations of the behavior tree system
Basically you first off need some fairly good knowledge of blueprints. If you don’t have that, then you should learn blueprints first. Then learn to use behavior trees.

Also imo with blueprint only (so no C++) you can only make basic AI, since there is quite a lot AI functionality that is not exposed to blueprints (e. g. team system, what sense triggered the perception update -> will result in confusion/workarounds if you use more than one sense, team sense, sight perception stimuli strength), but ofc for a basic AI you won’t need all that.


Thanks a lot for the resources! Sorry I wasn’t able to get back earlier.