Are there any plans for converting quixel foliage to nanite anytime soon?

Hi, I finally got 5.1 and nanite working after some troubles, but I didn’t realize that you needed special foliage nanite enabled props to use nanite foliage. It’s not the end of the world, I have my own tree and grass models I can drop in and run nanite on, which seem to work well, but the quixel stuff is really nice (and free). I wont bother making a whole scene with my models if quixel ones are going to be ready soon. Does anyone have any information on this? Thanks

What do you mean? You can always enable nanite on every mesh you import. Or are you talking about the nanite foliage not working? This is an issue that is currently getting resolved…

Nanite foliage does work in 5.1, that’s why I’m using it. But quixel models aren’t set up for it, only my custom masked foliage models. I’m just wondering if they are going to be nanite enabled in the near future

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When you download a quixel model you will get a static mesh in your editor. Rightclick on it and select “nanite”->“enable”.

You can enable nanite on every foliage model from quixel.

No you can’t, not on foliage.

Right now, there’s two things Nanite doesn’t like. One is masked materials, the other is world position offset.

Foliage is mainly constructed around these two main concepts.

For sure, you can enable Nanite on any static mesh, including a foliage mesh. But you will all kinds of weirdness going on if you do.

How do enable on quixel assets? It seems to work on my masked tree asset

This is not a static mesh. that is a static mesh foliage asset. It is a file with information on how to place the static mesh in the world.

Look inside the foliage asset. There you can find the “Mesh”. open it and enable Nanite.

hey, two questions:

1_where did you find the UE 5.1 release? I only see 5.0.3 on launcher
2_do in that version masked materials work with nanite?