Are there any good Vr Menu tutorials?

I’m trying to create a menu that uses a 3d widget that will load up different widgets from a 3d widget. Everything I have come across so far either uses a widget switcher (Which is useless if you want to use separate windows instead of tabs) or adding to viewport which doesn’t work for a 3d widget.

How about this?


That looks like it might work for me. In the main widget that you added to this BP you must have a onclick event how will that communicate to this BP because the custom events you create here will only work in that the BP_Setup menu you have there.

Ok so I have copied your BP although it doesn’t give the menu to self option I see in yours maybe its gone in 4.20 and then I have added my custom event into the widget so when I click on a button it will fire off the event. The only problem is I don’t know what to put into the target node or if I should add anything else in there. Is this where you put the custom event?

The only thing you actually need is using Widget Component :: ‘Set Widget’ function instead of ‘Add to Viewport’. Everything else works like for normal widgets.