Are the new Volumetric Clouds suitable for VR?

I tried the new volume clouds in pretty low settings, and the system is giving out low fps in VR. Is this system suitable for VR? Any tips on using it this way?

In a word ‘NO’.

I tried it out and get about 20 fps ( on a reasonably high end PC ).

Instructions for enabling are here:

I just did some fact checking and turns out I remember correctly. Ace Combat 7 is made with Unreal and is using volumetric clouds heavily along with VR. Shouldn’t we be able to use some light volume cloud settings with VR? Or is it something that can’t be done with Blueprints?

I assumed the demo level would have fairly sensible settings, and just left it alone I’m afraid.

Were those really volume clouds in AC7?

Yes! ACE COMBAT 7 soars high with UE4 to become franchise’s best installment - Unreal Engine


Even in 4.26 with supposedly production ready Clouds and water they do not work properly!