Are BSP tags useless?

You can set tags for BSP brushes in the inspector. However, because brushes are combined during gameplay, I don’t believe there’s a way to access them. So, is the tag array for brushes completely useless, or am I missing something?

I ask because ignoring specific walls in line traces is an important mechanic in my project and prototyping would be a lot easier if I could use brushes.

You could convert your BSP brushes to static meshes, but I suppose that would slow you down if you’re prototyping.

Yeah, the only way that would really work is if I pretended I couldn’t trace against them until I was finished prototyping, which wouldn’t work for playtesting. At that point, I might as well not be using brushes at all.

BSP tags seem to be completely ignored. (even if all brushes share the same tag.) I think this is a bug.

I have this problem to, there has been nothing done to fix this yet, while it is a pretty important issue, I am only not able to report it…