ARCore Template - request

Hello all, since version 4.18 released, it would be amazing to have some basic template to start putting some 3D object around. The official google template is outdated due to many things has changed in the 4.18.

Can Epic or somebody else develop the basic template as there are many for VR.

I am actually started working with 4.18 and exploring AR Components for Android as ARCore now supports Generic Android Development.

So, It’s going to take some time, A week or so, but I think I should be able to develop a basic AR Template for all to work on. Still, It’s pretty new technology and It’s a new Field for most of us, so It’s going to take some time.

Ankit Passi

You’ll find sample project for object placing working on both ARCore and ARKit in this post Unreal Engine 4.18 Released! - Unreal Engine Forums

Direct link to download

Thank you very much, yes good template on hands would be very helpful, there are few VR templates from community professionals, if someone can make some basic functions for ARCore it will help, basic interactive objects, placing object, replacing it from one to another and other handy Blueprints with ArCore is what it’s needed now :slight_smile:

Hi all, is it possible to export it to Galaxy s7, or other phones or is it only for S8 and google pixel ? Without available export to other phones its not usefull for many people.

Hi everybody,my S8+ didn‘t get camera’s image。I use new 4.18 ARSample template。anyone same with me?

I believe it only supports the new S8 and Pixels so far however they intend to make ARCore available for all Android 7.0 systems later so any new 7.0 Android will support ARCore when it’s enabled. I have seen someone getting it to work on older Android phones but they knew what they were doing :P.

Did you install the ARCore service APK first? As per “Prepare your device” ?:

( Direct link: )

This guy have here a modified preview-arcore

Should work with other devices, ArCore , tested and work with Allview, but camera screen is black, i think is not open camera