ARCore real world (GPS) location

Hi, there is any way in ue4 to spawn actor in real world location in AR?
Spawn an actor in a gps location?


I don’t think that is GPS location is included in Unreal. However, this marketplace solution probably could help you: GeoLocation in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace . You could then use geo fencing to spawn actors when you are at a particular place. Further, I would think you could have your device get a survey of the area via AR to take over the GPS course information and do more fine placing of your actors previously saved.

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Hi, gps location is included in unreal engine (i can get my gps location on phone), tested. Just no idea how to spawn actor on a location, cannot find any tutorial, or info about this. Your lined plugin is not updated since 4.18 :frowning:

My apologies. I know the plugin was a bit dated; but thought it would be a good starting place - obviously I was unaware of the built in version - I did do a search before I commented, but I guess I wasn’t thorough enough. I also think I misinterpreted your question. I thought geo fencing would work where if you are between a particular set of coordinates, spawn - like spawning any actor in any environment.

Phone GPS units likely won’t be accurate enough to spawn actors at precise locations anyway. They have an accuracy of around 10m I believe.

Hi, could you tell me how and where I can learn about what you said: “gps location is included in unreal engine” please? Thanks. :slight_smile: