ARcore issues. 4.23. App shutting down after 2-3 minutes after start.

Hi! We want to switch our app from image tracking to plane tracking, but there is an issue - after starting app, when we want to determine location of our object, in 2-5 minutes of working, it’s shutting down without any reason.

Could this be due to the fact that the algorithm does not stop searching for new planes and is there any way to stop the searching?

what do you mean “determine location of our object”. Real world object detection? a spawned UE4-Actor?

To stop plane detection
use StartARSession again with another ARSessionConfig file, with plane tracking disabled in that ARSessionConfig.

It should not crash like that because of your config. It is simply Unreal Engine ARCore plugin full of bugs and not maintained.
Check the many unresolved issues in the bug reports:…mponent=&sort=

If you found a new bug you can report it, but epic will do nothing about it unless you make a license contract with them and pay.

Thank you, will try restart session with another config