ARCore how to record the screen of the Android phone for photos & videos & save to mobile Unreal?

Hello all,

Please point me in the right direction if this question has been asked already. I’m coming from a Unity background & our current developer is more familiar with C++ in Unreal.

We have built an AR app using Google’s Arcore & helloUnreal sample as a starting point. We want to be able to take a video of the AR object through the camera - as you would record a video - & save this to the Android mobile’s Photos or Gallery. We can get a photo saved - although we’re still trying to work out where they’re saved - help with this too? - but need to be able to both record & save a video.

Any ideas without needing to go through Android Studio & in Unreal directly? Maybe we can just record the mobile screen somehow? Unity has plugins that allow you to do this but there doesn’t seem to be as much support for Unreal.

Many thanks in advance!