ARCore can't resume ARsession.

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Using 4.26/ android studio 4.0.0/ ndk 21.4.7075529 / jdk1.8.0_301/ build target 28

After the HandheldAR template build, when running the app for the first time, camera permission is obtained normally, and camera feed works normally.
Then, the camera feed does not appear if you go out and come back to the background while the app is running.

I’m looking for various information in this regard, but I found that the camera feed returned well until version 4.25, and there were bugs like this from version 4.26.

Is there any way to fix this problem??

Try use this scheme.


In code when you call stopArSession

But, i think, if you add delay, it’s working, more correctly.
(I remembered that I found some strange bug with the first few turns on the application, so I did not turn off the Ar session the first 3 times the application was turned on on the device, then everything works correctly)

And about problem when collapsed application, you can try to do something thing with



And the files lying in these directories. I didn’t have time to figure out this problem, but I think the problem is the same as described here