[ARCore] Attach a streaming level to the plane

At the moment I am creating a small demo-game to learn more around AR and was wondering how I could do this set-up.

I’ve got my Level where I wait for enough planes before loading in my streaming level, now my streaming level is coordinated around the the X:0, Y:0, Z:0 coordinates. I was wondering if it is possible to say to the sublevel to attach itself to a plane. I can not find any way to get a reference from the sublevel or how to even do this.

I could get all the planes but how would I know which plane I “hitrayed” in my main level?

Hi, to get the plane from the hit test, you can use this blueprint function: LineTraceSingleOnPlanes, it will return you the plane object when it hit something. And once you get the hit point, you can create an anchor actor and attach your streaming level actors to the anchor actor.

I would suggest you checkout our HelloAR sample here: GitHub - google-ar/arcore-unreal-sdk: ARCore SDK for Unreal

Try to use the "Load Level Instance (By object Reference) node