ARCore / ARKit & GoogleVR Development and Improvement

Last week we have deployed a large public experiment involving augmented reality with modified Google Cardboards v2.0:

We used UnrealEngine 4.20 (devmobile branch), ARCore 1.4 on Android and ARKit on iPhones (6s and up)

The experience was very welcomed and future projects are coming. However, we know the overall experience / quality
could be improved.

I ask here if there would be people interested in improving the code. We did it entirely in blueprint, having not enough time to fine tune it via C++.

For the interested, we would share the code no problem!

We find it’s a good alternative to using Holokit and alike, since the Google Cardboards we used cost us 1.50$ each.

We work also with Magic Leaps, and it’s surprising what a 1.50$ headset can do vs. a 2500$ one. Viva cheap AR!!

Count me in as interested! Cheap AR in this way could be awesome.

Hi, I’m developing with ARKit and would be interested in participating. How can I help?

Hello Proteus, I’m developing similar project like you. Can you explain how you set up?