ARCore ARKIT Augmented Images

Hi All,

Sorry if I’ve missed a big post or a document but is there any clear guide to augmented image tracking in AR? I see it’s been implemented since 4.20 but I don’t see any links in the release notes.

I see there’s a guide for Unity on the ARCore page but of course we’re not using Unity here are we : Augmented Images developer guide for Unity  |  ARCore

Any help or pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

I’m having a similar issue. There is this guide: راهنمای توسعه دهنده تصاویر افزوده برای Unreal  |  ARCore, but the gap between step 4 and 5 seems to be a large one. Even with following the steps outlined, I can’t seem to get it to package correctly.

found this after a little work :…ion-in-UE4-420

I hope ARCore gets this updated soon as developing for iOS is cancer, having to pay £90 a year just to test is a joke, let alone the overpriced hardware and tech support.