ARCore / ARKit and QR Codes ?

Is there a way to detect and recognize QR code (or an image) with ARCore / ARKit ?

Basically the idea is to place a card with QR code on the table and ARCore / ARKit would recognize it, and match it with whatever scenario needs to be visualized.


P.S. Is it possible to build and deploy UE4 ARKit project (BP-only) on Windows for iPad ? It’s for internal use only and I there are no Macs around :confused:

Hey it’s possible with both SDKs to do this:

ARKit: ARKit 1.5 Image Detection in UE4 4.20 | by Joe Graf | Medium
ARCore: Augmented Images for Unreal Engine  |  ARCore  |  Google Developers
(google even provides an example unreal project showing it)

I tried this and unforutnately it’s not possible for ARKit projects. There’s something in the ARKit plugin that needs xcode to compile it properly. Needed to get a Mac and use it as a build server for the ARKit projects. It’s not so difficult to setup luckily and lets you continue to use the power of your PC for Unreal development :slight_smile: