[ARCore] ARCore Depth API UE4 support?

How good does this look!?!

But only for Unity at the moment :frowning: what are the chances of getting this in the next UE4 version?

I hope soon!

This is one of those very painful situations where I feel forced to use Untiy for AR since the new versions of ARCore take so long to make it into Unreal Engine. Google stopped updating their own UE fork (it’s stuck in 4.20 and ARCore version 1.7!) and the official releases from Epic Games are several versions behind. UE would have a wider AR user base if the SDKs were somehow updated faster. Maybe as a plugin that can be downloaded and updated from the Marketplace?

I checked the dev-vr branch of UE4 and it seems to be updated to ARCore 1.16, which is a big step considering 4.25 has version 1.7. But still, this is already outdated considering 1.18 has all the Depth API functionality that would be amazing to use in UE.

According to Google’s docs it requires android studio 3.1+ and Api level 24+. I’m using 4.25.3 (release @ git) it it apparently supports Api 28 and Android studio 3.5
I’ve found a node called “GetARCameraDepth” and i’ve tried to plug that into a material but i can’t get it to show anything. And after some tests it seems to return null. I’ve searched in the engine source and it seems to be implemented for ARKit but i can’t find the implementation for ARCore.
Does anyone has any idea on how to use this?