ARCore 1.4 (Google Branch) - World origin moves with phone movement

Hi All,

I’ve opened up the AugmentedImages project from google and it works really well in the sense that the picture frame sticks to the detected image location.

When attempting to recreate the project myself, I am able to detect the location of the image and spawn an actor there successfully, however when I move the handset around the spawned actor appears to follow me despite updating the actors location every frame to match the images.

If I sit still in my position and move the handset around it looks correct but if I walk away (left, up, down right) from the image, my actor follows me as if it is attached to my position rather than the images. Furthermore, when drawing the world origin to the screen, that too follows me about.

I was under the understanding that setting the session type to ‘World’ would mean that this is all handled for me. Is this correct? I feel it is behaving as if it is set to ‘Orientation’ rather than world.

I’ve hunted through every possible thing in the AugmentedImages project and as far as I can see I’ve done everything the same.

Does anyone have any idea what I could be doing wrong here? Is it perhaps a bug?

Note: I’ve also attempted this from the launcher version of the engine using the old ARCore plugin however I’m suffering from the failed to build image database bug that everyone is experiencing.

I’ve wasted 15 hours of my employers money and time on this issue and this forum post is my last chance before I change my approach completely and waste even more of their money and time.

Please help me!!!


It is now fixed. The problem was caused by not having a camera component on my pawn.