Archviz with Google cardboard and gamepad, is it possible?

Hello everyone! I am very new here and I am getting into mobile VR to present projects to our clients and was wondering if we can use the Google cardboard and gamepad to do walkthroughs movements just like the Vive and Oculus. We want something that is mobile and easy to bring to our clients instead of bringing a PC and Vr equipment around. Thanks all.

Hi, I recently did something similar for a client. If what you want to present is simple enough you can straight up just make a mobile version yes. More than likely though mobile platforms won’t capable of rendering your scene in real time. What I ended up doing was using the Stereo Panoramic plugin to capture 3D stills at certain points and making an an app that can move between points.

I made markers that you drop in your level at locations you want and some blueprints that will then generate a map with those markers in the same positions and a photosphere that moves around the map showing the appropriate images. Means that I could then set it up to show and hide markers that would overlay on top of the 3d images to show where you can move to.

I had intended at some point to turn what I made into some sort of plugin and put it on the marketplace but haven’t got round to it yet. If you think it sounds useful I could perhaps put what I’ve got together and you can test it for me :).

Initially I developed for Oculus Go so used a controller for that but recently made a google cardboard version that just used the button you get with cardboards combined with gaze to move around.