archviz training


i currenty training lighting with bounce card method and photorealistic quality.

modelled 3dsmax, except chair( referenced kooola’s scene )

materials etc…

Lightmass.ini setting:

World settings:
static lighting level scale : 0.01
num indirect lighting bounces : 40
indirect lighting quality :6
indirect lighting smoothness : 1.1

Lightmass build time : 45 min. :confused:

added matinee for testing scene.

Spec :
core i7 5820
gtx 970
16 gb ddr4

any advice to reduce building time and to increase quality?

Looking at static lighting level scale value(and indirect lighting quality) I would say it’s quite normal to have crazy long build times.

45 mins isn’t crazy long… 30+ hours is!

If you haven’t already, update to 4.11 preview, and you’ll get quicker render times. Also try using portal lights, they work well for windows, and you don’t need bounce cards unless you want to fill in more lighting.

Hi everyone,

Nocturness i want to ask is the result you get here matches kooola’s scene.