Archviz scenes in VR with multiple lighting scenarios?


I’m in the process of making a new project for a client, they just dropped at the last minute they’d like to have the whole thing in ‘midday’ dusk’ and ‘nighttime’ versions. Now while I have some of the blueprint products from the marketplace that offer this I’ve never figured out a good way to siwtch like this in VR. .I’d normally have just one lighting setup and that’s that.

What do you think is the best way to proceed and are there any products out there to make the blueprint side easier in VR for this?

I’m imagining a key bind on the controller to quickly switch between various lighting scenes, or differently lit scenes would be the way forward but cant seem to find any previous info on people doing this sort of thing in VR.

Any tips would be great. Any premade system I can buy would be better haha