Archviz livingroom (my second project)

Just started, just for practice and build up my asset library… still in the early stages =)

It’s a good start, interested in seeing where it goes. =)

Great quality! I hope it wil turn more impressive

This definitely feels like a tropical house. I could see someone spending time there for a vacation. Great work so far Camarão!

Thx all for comments… i´ll keep working on it, still lots do learn xD

Today´s update:

Liking the improvements, keep it up.

Today´s litle update =)

Some lame assets i´v done today… xD

Nice! love ur living room

Some work to the outside part…

A newbie happiness lies on simple things, loading screen with fade out xD

Some Love to the lights, now its time to start testing interactions xD

Hardtime trying to solve this one out ¬¬

Since im working just with archtecture, most of the materials follows the same basic setups… so im trying to set a master material that i can instanciate and create new ones fast and easy just changing textures and some setups… Since unreal lets me update it and the changes goes to the instances, i´m already using it a lot wile working with it, its just awesome xD… i´m quite new to unreal and i´m sure theres a lot to improve, if someone wanna take a look… tips ands comments how to improveit would be awesome

Some love to the interaction… xD when player press TAB, changes camera and enable mouse interface to change textures and materials aroud… OMG i´m having sooo much fun with unreal lol…

Night Setup Test

Great work. Where are you from?

Thx FernandoSalmon, i´m from Brasil =)

Eu também, percebi pelo nome.

A litle Gameplay preview of what i got so far, i think is ready to show it as a proof of concept to some clients =)