(Archviz) FPS drop when zoom in mesh

Hi Guys,

When i zoom into a mesh, the FPS drop from from 90 to 20 (please see attached jpg), is it normal??

Here are scene settings:
Using Luoshuang GPU baking
Ray trace enabled
All entities are static, including lights.
Other projects are fine, only this project low in fps.
GPU: RTX2080ti

Any advise is welcome, thanks

Bad geometry on the LOD level?
Try checking how many tris on screen you have.

Stat Unit to see how many MS are being allocated to what.
With a screenshot of that, plus tris on screen we may be able to help point you to the issue, assuming it’s not tris on screen.

It’s because of raytracing, the more the things fill up the screen the slower it goes

They are low geometry mesh with no LOD, just imported mesh from sketchup & 3Ds. I guess darthviper107 you are right, some ray trace setting under PP is too much, i didnt know zoom-in and zoom out would make so much different on FPS

in the first screenshot, only ~20-25% of the screen is covered with geometry that needs rendering, in the second, its 80-90% filled. if raytracing works based on screen size (i would assume so) then thats a lot more to trace.

Oh yes that makes sense, thank you so much!!