Archicad to Unreal Studio pipeline update

Just wondering if I could get an uodate on the development (if any) towards creating an import/datasmith/synchronization for Archicad - Unreal.

I have filled out the survey for the topic but have not heard much since.

If this feature becomes available I will be implementing Unreal into all my visualisation requirements, The Unreal Engine + Vray is a complete selling point to cover everything from imaging all the way through to immersive VR, the only thing preventing me making the switch from other visualisation software is the lack of a simple export into Unreal.

Any updates from the dev team would be much appreciated, as would anyone using Archicad>Unreal already that has a viable workflow they use without involving yet another piece of software (3dsmax etc).

Thank you kindly! :slight_smile:

I’d be interested to know this too.

We plan to do IFC first, then Archicad. How would IFC work for you as a start?

IFC is a good start, indeed.
The only badpoint is that IFc is not a real working format, more a communication tool, I think.
It will act as a good I/O option, waiting for the direct archicad / datasmith workflow.

IFC export on largish projects can be painfully slow - slower than a 3ds export to 3dsmax then on to unreal so I doubt we’d use it unfortunately. This is based on my last experience with it though so I’ll try to get back to you with some actual numbers comparing the two.

Ok it’s not too bad, on this 3 story residential project, 3ds took 16s to export and IFC took 30s.

What do you think about using the Archicad Cinerender exporter to publish a C4D file and then use our new C4D importer (in beta)?

One of the main aspect into this is to check that the Archicad exporter handles data nicely (instancing, pivots, uvs etc). Our IFC prototype seems to work really well so far with those (well made) IFC files. More tests need to be done.

Hope to see this soon, any date of posible release of this plug in? im having a hard time finding a way to export my archicad models to unreal

our hope is with 4.23

bay the way, i would take the oprotunity to ask how is the proper way to export my Archicad model to unreal at this moment?

For the moment, the best way to work with archicad and unreal is to export in FBX (with the native Twinmotion export) and directly import in Unreal engine.

how do you manage the light maps, im having some issues with them, thnaks by the way!!!:slight_smile:

“Some issues” is a gentle word :slight_smile: It’s a nightmare. I didn’t find any other way than rebuild all the lighting into unreal.

Have you guys tried to export Archicad project to sketchup and use sketchup datasmith exporter?

afaik most instancing end up as groups via that path which isn’t scaling really well. but maybe i am wrong

I’ve never test this path but it’s a little against the principe of simplify the workflow between archicad and unreal…

Can we dream a Dynamic Datasmith with Archicad and Twinmotion ? :cool:

Twinmotion synchronises directly with Archicad, it is quite seamless. Hopefully EPIC will implement Ray-trace and some further controls to improve the output quality (I personally find twinmotion a little too ‘gamey’ for imaging, great for videos though, and renders at speeds any other rendering package could only dream of) to make it a more complete package. It is hard to beat for speed, not to mention you only need an hour to learn everything you need to know.
Exciting news!

Yep, this news make my day :slight_smile:
Oh yes, the sun also.