ARCandidateImage asset ?


4.20 preview 4 added Arkit 2.0 in Unreal and I would like to try the image detection function that Joe Graf talks about here:…0-4dcbefb7a178
But I can’t find the asset called ARCandidateImage he is talking about.
Could we had a kind of documentation about the new AR features introduced in 4.20 preview 4 ?
At least a list of all AR new functions and assets would be handy for a start.

You are correct, it is not showing up for me neither. This is because you need to first activate the ARKit plugin. Do this and you will have the DataAsset showing up :slight_smile: Which of course makes sense, haha. You will have to activate the ARKit Plugin anyway to get the SessionConfig Data Asset etc.

I reply to myself since I’ve found it.
Right click in the browser content then Miscellaneous → Data asset → ARCandidateImage

Basic tutorial and explainations here:

As I said, it was already in the Text you linked to from Joe Graf. You of course have to have ARKit activated to see the DataAsset. Thats all :slight_smile: Anyway, cheers and GL with your app

Hi Guido,

Yes I the plugin should be loaded of course :slight_smile:
Did you success to use image detection ? I have created the ARCandidateImage asset with a texture but the asset it not listed in the ARsessionConfig…

No sorry, I haven’t tried yet

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