Arbitrary orientation/gravity direction for Characters

Hi ,

Im working on a mech project where the mechs have (magnetic) wheels on their legs and a jetpack to boost and therefore can drive on walls and the ceiling if they go fast enough.
I took a break from unreal for several month because of this:

At first I didn’t thought that it was such big of a deal because it got “greenlighted”
several times with a concrete releasedate on trello,but everytime it got pushed back further and now there is not even a releasedate at all anymore.

I really would like to finish my project because it went a lot of fun and work into it.

Does anybody know if they are still willing to integrate it in a somewhat decent timeframe up to 3 month from now on?They keep delaying this one several years now and the demand for it in the community is quiet decent.I saw many posts over the years from user who requested it heavily.I don’t get it why they constantly prioritize every little feature over this one important gameplay feature.

-is the engine build in a way that it is difficult or even impossible to implement it in a reliably way?

p.s:Is it now possible to transfer UE4 from one computer to another without downloading the data from the internet again?

If you have the source code, you could use this pull request that allows characters to have any gravity direction (along with changing the world gravity to the entire engine). You will still need to update the camera rotation and input controls yourself, but it should get you started. There is also another pull request referenced in that one that gives some examples of how to change the input controls.

If you dont have the source code, the pull request will theoretically be put into UE4 sometime. I have no idea how long it will take however as it is quite a big change and will have to be reviewed thoroughly.

I doesn’t seem the link works anymore, and I really need something like this…

You have to be have access to the EpicGame repos through your github account. Go to Epic Games · GitHub.

Actually it seems the link is dead and the pr has been sitting on github for several years now and I don’t know if they will every get around to it.