AR with oculus quest 2

I am trying to create an AR application with the oculus quest 2, something similar to the Passthrough that comes in the Home, where you see the interface above the real world captured by the cameras.

(Image of Oculus Passthrough)

The problem is that I don’t know how to capture the oculus cameras to show it in the scene. I don’t see any example or video where it is explained, although I understand that this should be possible.

I have tried the AR example that comes with the example template in Unreal but it does not work with the quest 2, although I do not know if it should work.

Can someone give me some indication of what I should do?

Thanks in advance.

i am searching all over the internet for this asnwer. It seems that they dont allow yet the public to develop apps that can access the passthrough. Only a few developers have access to that at the moment, unfortunately. But maybe someone has an answer for this.