Ar template not working on Galaxy S7 (ARCore)

Has anyone had any issues compiling the ARCore template? It stops on my galaxy S7, I’ve tried disabling all non necessary plugins but no luck

same problem

Same here. tested the template on S8 and S7 both crashed

Yeah i also had problem with my s8…

What SDK version are you guys building with?

I couldnt get anything above Target SDK: 22 to work

It will not work if you run on Android Orio 8. Since Android 8 there is no ARCore support anymore, only way to make AR apps it to revert to Anrdoid7.

I hope for an update, I want to create something for modern mobile devices.

Do not update, revert back to Android 7.

Android 8 doesn’t have AR support!

ARCore should work on Android O(8) without problem. Can you attach the Android logcat when the crash happened? I can help to take a look.

There is no crash, menus work but the cameraview is missing.
If I build and test a android game without AR I have no problems.

Yes, how can I get logcat (what is that?) I can send you my AR application so you can try to run it. But it seems like it is not related to the specific application, it is a general problem with Android 8. I have surprised that is such a common problem and you not aware of it.

Another addition: I also have a very old application from 4.17 from August, when I just made some test application, so now this application show me a black screen with the message:
“ARCore is not supported on this device” white text on the grey rectangle.

Without a Android logcat, I am not able to see what is going on there. Here is what you need to do to capture a good logcat:

  1. Connect your phone to PC through USB, make sure usb debugging is enabled Android developer option.
  2. Open a command console on PC, run “adb devices”, make sure you see your devices is listed.
  3. Run “adb logcat -c” to clear the existing logcat.
  4. Run “adb logcat” again.
  5. Run the app on your phone and reproduce the problem.
  6. Copy and paste the logcat out in your command console to a text file and upload it.

If the build is from 4.17 in August, it is built from the first dev preview version of ARCore, which isn’t compatible with current version of ARCore on Playstore. To be compatible with the ARCore on playstore, you will need to build the app from Epic’s Unreal 4.19 release or the 4.18-arcore and 4.19-arcore branch from Google’s Unreal Engine fork(

b.t.w This crash turned out to be a Unreal 4.19 issue on Android related to timezone settings on the phone. See the issue tracker here for more details:Handheld AR 4.19 template crashes on S8 with ARCore 1.0 · Issue #12 · google-ar/arcore-unreal-sdk · GitHub

Sorry I wrote a long message, but forum glitch killed the mesage. So please review my logcat

Is your build a distribution build? I didn’t see any UE4 log in your logcat which could be disabled because you packaged it for distribution. Can you try build a development build and check the logcat again? Normally you should see a bunch of logs with the UE4 tag.

Also if would be helpful if you can share your apk with me. I can try it on my S8 and see if I can reproduce the issue.

I sent you my shipping build over PM. Please review. You can reply here about the issues.