AR - Set Alignment Transform for rotation

Hey guys,

i’m working on an AR Scene that has baked lighting. So for positioning the object on a table i don’t like to move my object in the scene but instead move the AR tracking space.
The blueprint node ‘Set Alignment Transform’ seems to do the trick and i’m using it exactly like in this post here:

Now i also like to rotate the space around the object, so that for the user it looks like the object is rotating but instead the tracking space is rotated around the object or around the world 0;0;0 because thats where the object is located anyways but supplying a different rotation to the ‘Set Alignment Transform’ will rotate the tracking space around it’s 0;0;0 position and not the world 0;0;0 or the object.

So as usual my problem is math…
So i hope someone can help me with this?

Thanks a lot.



I’ve made a similar thing, here’s how I rotated by a small delta per frame.

If the thing you’re wanting to rotate on the spot is in the origin of the world this should work.

Oh thanks man i give this a try